"Many Are Called ATL's Hottest,
But, Only A Few Are Voted ATL's Hottest" at ATLSHottest.com

Hottest Actress
*Rollie Powell
Hottest Comedian/Female
*Licita Sweetbabykita Cromer
Hottest DJ  
*DJ Kidtree
Hottest Dance Crew
*Southside Steppers
Hottest Dance - Solo
*Zaina Zahra
Hottest Hip Hop/Female
*Rasheeda - *Country Gravy
Hottest Model/Male
*D Alonzo Clay
Hottest Vocalist Male
*Floyd Grant
Hottest Spoken Word
*Tamika Georgia Me Harper
Hottest Photography
*Dexter Bowman Photography
Hottest Graphic Artist
*Nick Claeboe *ATL Design King-
Hottest Video Production
*Total Interactive Media Group
Hottest Host
*Mc Lightfoot
Hottest Radio Personality
*Sasha The Diva 104.1
Hottest Management Company
*OT Management Music
Hottest Jazz Musician
J Henry Jazz
Hottest Online Radio Show
*DTTO Saga Boss
Hottest Filmmaker
*Bobby M Peoples
Hottest Songwriter
*Michael Carlos Jones
ATL's Hottest Feature Entertainer
*Kandi Burruss
Hottest Barber
*Will Da Barber
Ms ATL's Hottest
*Janet Jackson/Boss Chix
Hottest Fine Dining
*Scales 925
Hottest Live Ent Stop
*Kat's Cafe
Hottest Weekday Party Spot
*Backstage Lounge-
Weekend Party Spot
*Karma Bistro ATL
Hottest Social Crew
*ATL Over 40 and Seasoned

Hottest Actor-Screen or Stageplay
*Wardell Richardson
Hottest Comedian/Male
*Dr Foolish- Ishmael Nelson
Hottest DJ/Female
*DJ Traci Steele
Hottest Vocalist/Female
*Erica Dawson
Hottest Model/Female
*DeAnna Liz
Hottest Hip Hop/Male
*Controlis Price Wyte Bwoi
Hottest Musician
*Tim Hall
Hottest Fashion Design
*House Of Van Miller
Hottest Artist/ Painter
*Corey Whitehead
Hottest Band
*Remote The Band
Hottest Karaoke DJ/Host
*Deejay Riley
Hottest Publicist
*Angela Moore
Hottest Ent Magazine
*Hemp Hop Magazine
Hottest Playwright M/F
*Peachanda DuBose *Quincy Gardner
Hottest Music Production
*Kelvin K Chill Harris
Hottest Rising SuperStar
*Jason Jboy Carey *Actress Vitelle
Image Consultant Glam Squad
*Eye Candy Glam Squad
Hottest Hair Stylist
*Charmagne Grant
Hottest Sports Bar
*The Tavern @ Camp Creek
Hottest Comedy Spot
*Uptown Comedy Corner
Hottest Food Lounge
*Theory Lounge
Hottest Online Promotions
*K Shell Entertainment
Hottest Comedy Promotions
*Atlanta House Of Comedy
Hottest Promotions Company
*Street Talk
Hottest Caribbean Venue
*Club 426
Hottest Bartender
*Ebony Cromartie
Hottest Caribbean Artist
*No Phear *Beme Mystique
Hottest Jazz Vocalist
*Rhonda Thomas
2015 ATL's Hottest Entertainment Awards